• Public demonstrations of support for preservation (petitions, rallies, letters to editors)
  • Endorsement of pro-preservation political candidates and financial support for their campaigns.
  • Creation of policy briefs that help officeholders understand the issues.
  • “Report cards” on incumbents’ preservation track records.


photo credit: @someguyinphilly

Who we are

RePoint Philadelphia is a nonpartisan political action committee (PAC) organized according to the requirements of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We consist of a core group of  preservation advocates, supported by a network of activists, volunteers, and Philadelphia citizens. 

Our Name

We are named after a repair practice applied to the joints of a brick wall -- whereby cement mortar makes a strong structure out of many smaller pieces of building material -- causing  the wall  to last many years.Our name also describes our mission to redirect the conversations around preservation practices in a city that is rich with historic buildings, traditions, and cultures -- many that while worthy of preservation -- remain threatened and unprotected.  

What we do

RePoint Philadelphia supports candidates for local elected office committed to the sensitive treatment of Philadelphia’s built environment, culture and history. We engage in conversations about the future of the city and, its buildings and public spaces, advocating for preservation in situations where the balance between new and old is missing.

Policy Objectives

  • Demolition Review.
  • Tax abatement revision or elimination.
  • Financial incentives to support preservation.
  • Increased recognition of preservation’s role in job creation.
  • Increased recognition of preservation’s ability to strengthen and stabilize communities.
  • Increased recognition of preservation’s compatibility with – and centrality to – the push for affordable housing.
  • Reform of PHC operating procedures and scrutiny of the precedents they create.
  • Equipping L&I with engineering expertise needed to evaluate historic buildings.
  • Election of public officials who will support these positions.