Who We Are

RePoint Philadelphia is a nonpartisan political action committee (PAC) registered in the State of Pennsylvania. We consist of a core group of preservation advocates supported by a network of activists, volunteers, and civically engaged Philadelphians who care about the cause.

Our Name

We are named for a masonry repair technique in which the mortar between stones or bricks is “raked out” and replaced, rebinding a wall’s constituent parts and prolonging its life. Our name also describes our mission to redirect conversations around preservation policy in a city that is replete with unrecognized and unprotected historic sites.

What We Do

RePoint Philadelphia supports candidates for local office who wish to preserve our city’s rich heritage. Saving key parts of our built past for future use and enjoyment is an inherently optimistic undertaking. It is also inherently political. We foster conversations about the future of the city’s buildings and communities. We are committed to advocating preservation in situations where the pendulum has swung too far toward hasty modernization at the expense of our distinctive cultural heritage.