Policy Objectives

  • Demolition Review.

  • Revising or eliminating the current tax abatement. 

  • Financial incentives to support preservation.

  • Increased recognition of

    • preservation’s role in job creation;

    • ability to stabilize and strengthen communities;

    • compatibility with - and centrality to - push for affordable housing.

  • Reform of Philadelphia’s Historical Commission operating procedures and scrutiny of the precedents they create.

  • Equipping L&I with engineering expertise needed to evaluate historic buildings.

  • Election of public officials who will support these positions.


  • Endorsement of pro-preservation political candidates and financial support for their campaigns.

  • Creation of policy briefs that help officeholders understand the issues.

  • Report cards on incumbents’ preservation track records.

  • Public demonstrations of support for preservation (petitions, rallies, letters to editors).