RePoint supports candidates for local elected office who are committed to the sensitive treatment of Philadelphia’s built environment, culture, and history. As the only World Heritage City in the United States, Philadelphians have a responsibility to honor and maintain this earned distinction. RePoint is committed to advocating preservation in situations where the pendulum has swung too far toward hasty and sometimes exploitative modernization at the expense of our distinctive cultural heritage.

We're pleased to announce that three (3) RePoint endorsed Philadelphia City Council candidates have progressed through the primary election to claim victory. Those candidates include:

Helen Gym (At Large)

Curtis Jones, Jr. (District 4)

Jamie Gauthier (District 3)


Helen Gym won decisively, ringing in at 16.21% of the vote for at-large candidates.  No other at-large candidate cracked 10.00%.


Curtis Jones, Jr. retained control of the 4th District, winning handily with nearly 75% of the vote.  Jones, Jr. was instrumental in the implementation of the Ridge Avenue Thematic Historic District in Roxborough.  


Jamie Gauthier may have been the champion of the day. Jamie was the only challenger to successfully unseat an incumbent district councilperson.  RePoint is thrilled and eagerly awaits the onset of Jamie's administration in the 3rd District.  

We're very excited to collaborate with these individuals as we continue our journey to advocate for the historic and culturally significant built environment in Philadelphia.  

Stay tuned for upcoming November 2019 election updates.